Become a certified sustainability practitioner

  • Training built on 25 years of hydropower experience

    IHA has been working to advance sustainable hydropower since its inception in 1995 and we've consolidated that knowledge into a series of courses

  • Internationally recognised sustainability standard

    Our courses are based on the Hydropower Sustainability Standard governed by a multistakeholder council of hydropower developers, financial institutions, governments and civil society

  • Comprehensive and structured course curriculum

    Our training programme has been created by leaders in their field and follows an established framework of sustainability assessment and understanding

Upcoming trainings

  • £2,000.00

    Virtual: G-res Tool Training (June 2023)

    Virtual lessons on 5, 7 and 9 June at 1-5pm UK time
  • £1,500.00

    In-person: Certified User Training (November 2023)

    6-8 November in Bali after the World Hydropower Congress
  • £2,500.00

    In-person: G-res Tool Training (November 2023)

    6-8 November in Bali after the World Hydropower Congress
  • £950.00

    Virtual: Certified User Training Asia-Pacific (November 2023)

    20-22 November 2023 from 9-5pm Bangkok time
  • £950.00

    Virtual: Certified User Training Europe-Africa (February 2024)

    19-21 February 2024 from 9-5pm London time
  • £950.00

    Virtual: Certified User Training Americas (April 2024)

    22-24 April 2024 from 9-5pm PST

Organisations we trained

Testimonials from participants

Very well structured and engaging

by Christina Leb, Senior Water Resources Specialist at the World Bank

"The Certified User Training is a very well structured and engaging training course delivered by experienced, world-class experts. I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in finding out more about the Hydropower Sustainability Tools and in learning how to apply them in different situations.”

Practical and hands-on exploration of the G-res Tool

by Carly Hansen, Water Resources Engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"The G-res Tool Training was very well-organized and thorough. It combined an in-depth overview of the underlying scientific processes with practical, hands-on exploration of the tool. I appreciated how the instructor stepped through each stage of building the model, made sure we all understood the inputs and processes, and how to interpret results."

Training was an eye opener

by Iswandy Sureia, Senior Civil Engineer at Sarawak Energy

"The Certified User Training was an eye opener for those directly involved in hydropower development as the Hydropower Sustainability Tools cover all aspects of a project’s life cycle. I believe with the tools in place in the business system and processes, all the problems can be minimised or eliminated."

Dynamic and well-structured

by Maria Güell i Pons, Dam Safety Specialist at the World Bank

"The G-res Tool Training is a dynamic and well-structured course. The training is not only focused on learning how to estimate greenhouse gases emissions from a particular reservoir, but also engages the users in reflecting about the influence of evaluation parameters, how to find practical solutions in design and operation of reservoirs and even interventions that go beyond impounding. I recommend it to all practitioners working on dams, from technicians to engineers, economists and managers to understand better how to minimise the greenhouse gases emissions related to hydropower projects and correctly report its carbon footprint.”

Excellent training

by Ruth Tiffer-Sotomayor, Senior Environmental Specialist at the World Bank

"The Certified User Training on the Hydropower Sustainability Tools has been excellent. It provided a deeper understanding of how these tools can be used along with the World Bank’s policies including our environmental and social standards to reduce risks and impacts and to use good and best international practices for better planning, construction and operation of hydropower."

Pragmatic course for multilateral development banks

by Robert Aiello, Principal Energy Regional Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank

"Overall the Certified User Training was an excellent and pragmatic course. I liked the design, structure, topics, pace and content - it works very well for people like us at multilateral development banks, who have busy schedules."

Good balance between theoretical and practical implementation of the tool

by Maged M Hamed, Lead Environmental Specialist at the World Bank

“The G-res Tool Training is an excellent training that strikes a good balance between covering the theoretical basis of the carbon emission estimation from reservoirs, and the practical hands-on implementation of the tool. The training is well structured and well delivered by the model developer. Te supporting documents serve as an excellent resources. This training would be useful for development professionals, consultants, and academicians alike.”